Powering the future of mobility, with Verkor and EIT InnoEnergy

25 Nov. 202133 MIN LISTEN

In this episode of One Step Ahead, we take a deep dive on a key component of the future mobility value chain – electric batteries. With close to a quarter of global carbon emissions coming from the transport sector, phasing out internal combustion engines (ICE) in favour of electric vehicles (EV) will be essential in the race to Net Zero. Benoit Lemaignan, Co-founder and CEO of French battery maker Verkor, and Diego Pavia, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy, an EU-backed investor in sustainable energy projects, talk us through the challenges and opportunities of electrifying transport. 

They explain why a rapid scaling up of battery production is needed to meet the growing demand for EVs, how battery recycling contributes to the circular economy, and why the new mobility business segment could be up to seven times bigger over the next decade. This episode was presented by Libby PotterSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.